Making High Quality Masonic Regalia

Since 2001

Why Bricks Masons?
At Bricks Masons we are inspired by the idea of building the lodge for the 22nd century by inspiring the younger generation. To achieve our goal, every brick must be well aligned and perfectly placed. The name embodies perfection, strength, patience, and being on the level. We are using the Internet to do the outreach, educate, inspire, and connect.

Our Motivation
Today, Freemasonry has about 1.3 million members in the U.S., down from 4 million in 1959. 

Our Store
In our online store, you will find great products to cherish at wholesale prices and the best customer service, as we strive to put our customers first, Always. You choosing to shop from our store is a trust that you put in us and we take it very seriously. We will do everything we can for you to have a pleasant experience shopping in our store and we will go above and beyond to remedy any issue that might arise. Customer is King. At Bricks Masons, it’s even more special. Customer is a Brother.

Our Blog
In our blog we try to cover as many topics as possible related to Freemasonry. We want to build a library for anyone to access and get educated about the world’s largest and oldest fraternity. History, tradition and mystery are the reasons Freemasonry has attracted so many members over the years. As masons, it’s our obligation to conceal and never reveal. No Masonic secrets are to be revealed on any of our platforms. All information presented is easily accessible online and in books. We are simply presenting the most basic information already available and allowing discussions and sharing of individual experiences.

Social Media
We are using Social Media to connect Freemasons from around the world, open discussions, debunk the disinformation and the conspiracy theories, and show to the younger generation that freemasonry is for everyone. You can find us in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.